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Product groups

Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq are three exhibitions which combine themselves with the aim of strengthening and presenting the most important suppliers of the textile and garment industry. Each of them highlights innovations and solutions in different sectors. 


  • Fibers and yarns
  • Woven and Knitted fabrics
  • Trims and accessories
  • Services for the apparel industry
  • Digital printing and sublimation of fabrics services
  • Software
  • Specialized magazines. Entities
  • Others
  • Machinery and supplies for:
    - Digital printing and sublimation of fabrics
    - Pattern design, grading, marker making and cutting
    - Laser cutting & engraving
    - Ironing and fusing
    - Product ID and clothes labeling
    - Garment development and cutting room


  • Machinery and supplies for:
    - Spinning
    - Woven fabric
    - Knitted fabric and hosiery
    - Nonwovens
    - Textile finishing
    - Plant operations
    - Testing and measuring
    - Recycling and services for textile industry
  • Dyestuffs and chemicals
  • Software for the textile industry


  • Equipment and supplies for:
    - Sewing
    - Embroidery and monogramming
    - Laundry and clothes finishing
  • Repair and maintenance for sewing and embroidery machines
  • Software for the apparel industry

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