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Information for exhibitors

All you need to know about the exhibitors world! From adquiring your booth to the organization process, during and after the event.

Reasons to participate


Presence: Position and strengthen your brand.
New contacts: Increase your current clients’ loyalty and find new ones.
Launch your products: Show your new products and services.
Innovation and trends: Discover the top technologies of the market.
Promotion: Use the Digital Marketing Platform to communicate your participation.

How to participate

See the different ways in which you can be part of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq.

Raw Space Booth

Raw Space Booth
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only.


  • Exhibitor’s Manual
  • Accreditations for exhibitors
  • Invitations for visitors
  • Appearance in the Online Catalogue and the event’s web page
  • General security
  • General cleaning of common areas
  • Recommendations on freight & transport agents
  • Advice on trips & accommodation

Equipped Booth

Equipped Booth
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only


  • Everything listed for Raw Space Booth
  • 1 Desk
  • 1 Storage module
  • 1 Current outlet – local power supply 220V
  • 3 Chairs
  • Carpet
  • Dividing walls
  • Spots with halogen lamp: one per 3sqm
  • Electric board per group of booths, with thermal switches and circuit breaker.
  • Identification signboard

Hire your booth now

Request information on rates and available spaces to our Commercial Team.

Information for exhibitors

Although all the information you need to prepare your participation as an exhibitor can be found in the Exhibitor's Manual, here we provide you with the most relevant aspects to plan your presence.

All the information for Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq 2024 will be avaliable soon.

In the downloadable documents you will find:

A) General regulations: provisions, admission, contracting of booths, payment methods, safety regulations, credentials, etc.

General Regulations

B) Technical Specifications for booth construction: All the information and details to consider when erecting your booth.

Technical Specifications

Exhibitors must contract the following insurance in order to participate in Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq:

1.   Civil Liability Insurance (“Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil”):
This insurance is required for local exhibitors only.

The Exhibitor must contract insurance covering all Civil Liabilities under his responsibility, including all tasks to be carried out by the Exhibitor as well as their contractors and subcontractors.
The Organizer shall have the right to inspect said insurance policy, and the Exhibitor must deliver a copy at least 30 calendar days before the start of the Exhibition. Should said policy not provide adequate coverage, the Organizer may require a new insurance policy that must be submitted 5 calendar days before the beginning of the Exhibition.

The above documentation must be presented to the Organizer, without exceptions, in order to receive the credentials that allow entrance to the exhibition grounds.

Participation offer 2024


Access during construction and disassembly:
Due to new provisions, during this edition of Emitex, Simatex and Confemaq, all personnel entering the site during the construction and/or the disassembly stage(s) must request a Construction Credential from the Organizer.

Exhibitors, Booth Attendance
and Construction personnel must present to de Organizer their Insurance (A.R.T. or S.E.P., as described above) in order to receive their credentials and authorization to enter the premises.

Exhibitors must request their Credentials through Form nº3 A/B/C of the online Exhibitor's Manual

Credential Types:

- Construction: For personnel who will only enter the premises during the construction and/or disassembly stage(s): Architects, Builders, Assemblers, Booth Designers, etc.

- Exhibitor: For the representatives or executives from the exhibiting companies and/or brands. This credential grants admission during all stages (construction, exhibition and disassembly), from two hours before the opening hours.

- Booth Attendance: For personnel that will attend the booth during the opening days to the public (staff, promoters, hostesses, etc.). Grants admission only on the days when the exhibition opens to the public.

The requested credentials will be given to the Exhibitor only after all the conditions established in the regulations have been satisfied, payments for any concept cancelled, and personnel insurance has been presented and approved.

Exhibitors may hire additional services through the online Exhibitors Manual.

Additional services:

  • Official Catalogue
  • Conference Room
  • Shows and/or demonstrations at your booth
  • Additional electric consumption
  • Water and drains for your booth
  • Additional equipment
  • Additional furniture

Raw Space Booth

Stand espacio libre
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Model booth 9 m2

Items provided:

  • Booth surface demarcation
  • Participation services as detailed above

If you have opted for a raw space booth and wish to request additional items (furniture, sockets, etc.) please request them through form nº10 of the online Exhibitors Manual.

Basic Equipment Booth

Stand equipado
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Model: Basic Equipment Booth

The hiring of an equipped booth, if it was not done at the time when the booth was hired, must be requested through form nº6 of the online Exhibitors Manual

Items provided:

Equipament per 9 m2

  • 1 desk + 3 chairs
  • 1 Storage module

Booth floor

  • Carpet on the booth’s entire surface
  • Protective polyethylene coating during construction


  • White panels. Panel height: 2.50m. Column axis width: 0.99m. Free panel width: 0.92m
  • Modular system, in natural anodized aluminum, with octagonal columns, 0,04m and height profile 0,05m 

Visuals - graphic

  • Identification signboard with standard typography.

Lighting and power

  • Lighting: 1 Led per 3m²
  • 1 socket (300w)
  • Electric board with thermal switches and circuit breaker

As an exhibitor you have a series of services available—free of charge—that will help you before, during and after the event. Take advantage of all these tools to make your presence a success.

  • Digital Marketing Platform:
    Announce your presence at the event through this platform, exclusive for exhibitors.
  • Printed invitations:
    Request them through form nº7 in the online Exhibitors Manual  and distribute among your contacts.

Promotion and dissemination of news and novelties:

  • Share with us news and novelties about your company or products that may be of interest to the mass and/or specialized media and the general public. Our Press & Communication Team will disseminate it through different channels (press releases, social networks and/or newsletters), depending on the delivery times and according to the content.

For more information click here.

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Exhibition’s calendar

Exhibition’s calendar

Know the days and hours of assembling, exhibition, and disassembling to plan your 


For any request or additional information, please get in touch with us.

Commercial team
For contracting and inquiries.

International Sales Team
For international contracting and inquiries.

Alexandra Pacheco

Director of International Sales

Alexandra Pacheco

Agustina Marchetti

International Sales Executive

Agustina Marchetti

Exhibitor’s Service team
For information about the exhibitor's manual, booth construction, insurance, promotional material, request for invitations, credentials, mpm, etc.

Romina Yakubisin

Head of Exhibitor's Service

Romina Yakubisin

Mariana LLano

Exhibitor’s Service Assistant

Mariana Llano

Yanina Herrera

Media Pack Manager Coordinator

Yanina Herrera

Press & Digital Communication team
For information about everything related to the dissemination of your company’s news through specialized media and/or social networks.

Ignacio Pérez

Digital Communication and Press Analyst

Ignacio Pérez

Business Intelligence team
For information about use and operation of the Digital Marketing Platform tools.

Javier Peris

Head of Business Intelligence

Javier Peris

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